The Social Media Marketing Platform with other Internet Marketing Services

With our service you can consolidate all your social media engagement to save time and optimize profile management on social networks. Visually Plan, Schedule post and automation. You can also select a partner type to become a Smconnect partner in order to start earning extra income immediately. Becoming a partner gives you access to various specialized Digital Marketing training. As a partner, smconnect will help you get started in an e-business with your skills acquired after your training while setting up a business website for you displaying your specialized digital marketing services.

Facts for - Maximum Social Media Exposure for Your Business

It can be time consuming to manage all of your social media accounts and marketing campaigns manually. This is where SMconnect comes into play, SMconnect combines it all. By being part of a community where supports and interest are exchanged to help each other achieve success through brand awareness, sales, revenue generation strategies etc. Having a digital marketing tool such as SMconnect that increases marketing efficiency plus a side bonus of earning from using it, it is the most amazing and rewarding of all.

Save Your Energy and Post to All on one single click

Can you imagine how hectic it is can be to log in and out of all your social media accounts to share your contents? why not POST TO ALL with just one click of a button from your SMconnect account and also do same for your customers.

Schedule Automatic Post

Your social media followers always wants to hear from you, that was why they decided to follow you right? SO engage them even while you are sleeping or offline. This will come in handy when you manage a large number of social media accounts for your company or customers

Become an SMconnect Partner and Earn Weekly

Smconnect partners are treated as part of the company with amazing benefits that will certainly set them on a path of a better e-business career while profitably earning and cashing out on a weekly basis

Organize and Save Your Contents on Our Server

We are provided with a content manager where you can add all your current and future post in text, audio, images and videos. This will enable you never miss your contents even when you experience lost of data on your hardware devices. You can also connect your virtual storage such as google drive, one-drive etc.

Extra Service to Compliment Your Brand Promotion Efforts

SMconnect provides you with well trained highly qualified and certified partners that will help deliver high-on-demand online services to enable more business efficiency and customer acquisition

High in Demand Business Promotion Services from SMconnect Partners

Content Development/Management

  • Products & Services description writing
  • Graphic Design for page content
  • Content research & suggestions
  • General Website content updates

Blogging/Vlogging Services

  • Niche Blogging/Vlogging related to your business industry
  • Video Editing & Watermarking your brand name and your services description
  • Video advertisement & promotional services
  • Events Planning and livestream for your business promotions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Dedicated management for your email and phone support
  • Website live chat support services
  • Social media account management
  • Online research on your given topics
  • Edit your proposals and letters in a standard format

Digital Marketing Teams Love Smconnect